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Mountainview Maine Coons is a very small in-home hobby cattery. I didn’t intend to ever start breeding cats. I never planned to show cats either, but it just happened. Our first Maine Coons came from a breeder who had these two beautiful boys advertised as a bonded pair that needed to go home together. We were so happy to have found them and loved those boys so much! They were the “potato chip cats”, you know the saying, can’t stop at just one. When they eventually both crossed the rainbow bridge we knew we just had to have another Maine Coon. I started researching and contacting breeders to try and find one. I went to shows to meet breeders and watched them competing and thought, hmm I could do that. Well, the same thing happened with breeding, after showing for some time I decided I could learn to do that also, and here I am along with my husband who is home with them during the day helping.


We don’t produce a large quantity of kittens, it’s my hobby and I want it to remain fun and not become a full-time job, I already have one of those. We do our very best to socialize the kittens with people, other cats, normal house noises, toddler grandchildren, having their claws clipped, their bellies messed with and being groomed. I want them to be able to go to their new homes and fit right in.



We are very careful in our selection of cats for breeding. They must have the correct type, temperament and of course pass the health screenings. Our breeding cats are DNA tested for all the common issues, they have a hip x ray to rule out hip dysplasia and also have their hearts scanned by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist on an ongoing schedule.



When you get your new kitten, it will have had two FRCPV vaccines, been wormed twice, microchipped and seen the vet for a check up. They will have a “go-home” kit that will include a bag of dry food, a couple cans of wet food, toys and some other fun things. I work with Trupanion Pet Insurance and the kittens are eligible for a free month of pet insurance which I hope you’ll choose to activate.

I love to continue seeing photos of the kittens after they go to their new homes. It’s fun to watch them grow and develop and I also enjoy the friendship of new families I meet along the way.

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